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Professional pet grooming conveniently at your home or office

The journey of Kitty’s Zone began three years ago when the founder started fostering and rescuing owned as well as abandoned pets within UAE. Her utmost passion towards pets paved way to several ways towards the animals’ wellbeing. Given the affectionate and emotionally involved relationship owners have with their pets, putting them in the care of someone who is wholly loving towards animals is a significant aspect. This was undoubtedly comprehendible by the founder, and hence began her full-fledged journey of giving the best care to the fostered pets, while ensuring to satisfy the pet owners, and striving to save, adopt and re-home the abandoned pets.

Our  Groomingvan is a fully equipped mobile pet salon. The van contains a hot water supply, grooming table, state-of-the-art equipment, all natural products, lighting and climate control. We provide the best quality services for your pet in the comfort of your home!

Professionals with the best experience and personalized treatment for your pet

Welcome to Pet Grooming at Home in Ajman dubai!

Welcome to the new Pet Grooming at Kitty’s Zone Duabai website, we invite you to browse the site to learn more about the store, our pet groomers and groomers, read about our service packages and more.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your favorite four-legged friend. Your dog or cat will look its best with premium wash and grooming from the experts at Pet Grooming at Home Ajman dubai, all certified.

When you choose to have your beloved pet groomed at Kitty’s Zone Ajman Dubai, you will find that not only do we take pride in our work, but we sincerely enjoy working with animals and look forward to pleasing you and your pets.

So, make an appointment for your dog or cat or Bird today and see why Kitty’s Zone Pet Grooming at Home has earned a reputation as “the friendliest shop in Ajman dubai.”

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Do you want a clean pet without all the hassle?

With Kitty’s Zone Pet Grooming & Pet Mobile, you’ll receive an exceptional grooming experience without leaving the comfort of your home.

Kitty’s Zone is a quality pet grooming service in ajman Dubai that offers an exceptional full service grooming experience for your pets in a stress free environment in full comfort and safety right in your driveway. Your pet is part of the family, and should be treated as such. That’s why we never use cages, kennel dryers or harsh chemicals during the grooming process. We use products that are environmentally friendly and bring a highly organized, professional approach to animal grooming.
We offer a comprehensive 15 step cleaning for all breeds of Cats and Dogs. Every pet gets three full brush outs before, during, and after a complete shampoo and conditioning. After a gentle towel dry by hand, we trim your pets sanitary area and paw pads. With a final brush and fluff out, a little fragrance, and a treat, we bring your pet right back to your front door. It’s almost as if they never left! For a complete breakdown of the cleaning process, give us a call or make an appointment!

Why Choose Kitty’s Zone Pet Grooming?

Your Pet Is In Good Hands With Our Team! At kitty’s Zone Grooming Pet Salon we offer a professional and caring Pet grooming service all over Dubai, we can confidently claim to be the best dog and cat grooming in Ajman,Dubai

kitty’s Zone Grooming Pet Salon is a reputable Concord dog grooming and cat grooming mobile service. Dropping your furry friend off at this amazing service will make them feel so grateful. Meet our friendly staff and discover all we have to offer.




  • Pre-groom consult,
  • Bath, Blow-dry, Brush,
  • Nail trim, Paw trim (feet and between pads),
  • Breed appropriate
  • clip, Scissor finish,
  • Sanitary trim (if necessary),
  • Scented finish (if requested),
  • Parasite check,
  • Gland expression (if necessary),
  • Treat (with prior approval) and
  • lots of love, affection and tenderness.


KITTY’S ZONE brings dog and cat grooming conveniently to you via our customized grooming trailers and vans. Let one of our experienced professionals come to your home or office to pamper & clean up after your furry friends.


Our professional staff have a passion for dogs, cats & all animals. We are dedicated to providing a stress-free, gentle experience with lots of love and attention so your pet will look forward to the next appointment.


We pride ourselves on providing superior quality customer service to our clients and furry friends. We are dedicated to working hard, having fun and loving what we do.


We offer quick and easy scheduling both online and by phone. We keep appointments available for emergencies and members, so that we can attend to you and your pets, even on short notice.


Our spacious new grooming trailers are air-conditioned and are cleaned and sanitized before every groom. We use only the finest products and standards of service.

The Benefits of Mobile Grooming around ajmandubai



No more dropping off and picking up your dog. No more planning your day around your pets grooming appointment. We bring the salon to you at a convenient time. 


Reduced Stress for Your Pet

No stressful car rides, no cages, no listening to loud dryers or barking dogs all day, no waiting to be groomed. Our mobile salon provides a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Our goal is to offer a positive grooming experience for your pet. 


No Crate Drying

Crate drying can be dangerous and stressful for your pet. Your dog will be dried by hand by a certified groomer. 


One-On-One Attention

With no distractions, pets to check in or out, other groomers to help, your pet is worked on without interruption from the start to finish.


Same Groomer Every Time

Our grooming services are performed by the business owner. Having the same groomer for each appointment can be a familiar and comfortable feeling for your pet. We look forward to building a relationship with you!


Quicker Grooming Times

No more waiting all day to get your dog back from the groomers. Quicker grooming times is ideal for any pet, but especially for anxious, or senior pets.


No Exposure to Other Pets

Your pet will never come in contact with other pets that may carry parasites or viruses. Our van and equipment is cleaned and disinfected after every appointment. Mobile grooming is also perfect for dogs that do not get along well with others.

Groomit Benefits

  • Groomit Benefits
  • Seamless In-App Payment Process
  • Convenient& Stress-Free Environment
  • Communication Throughout Grooming
  • Eliminates Inconvenience of Pick up & Drop off
  • No Cage Drying
  • No Car Sickness/Travel
  • Certified Groomers
  • Natural & Non-Toxic supplies used

Home Grooming

Hands on Experience

Personalized individual attention is given to each pet and expert care from our groomers throughout the grooming process. Pet Parents are able to constantly communicate and observe with professionals throughout the appointment.

Limited Exposure

Groomers will arrive at your time and location. This will eliminate the need for commuting to salons and pet shops. Allowing for a grooming service with minimal contact (especially in times of COVID).

Familiar Environment

Pets are subject to feel less anxious and stressed in the familiar environment of their home. Creating a better experience for both pet owners and their pets during a grooming session.
Pet Grooming
Pet Mobile Grooming

Mobile Grooming

Time Saver

The mobile groomer will arrive near your home and get your pet groomed in their professionally equipped vans. This will eliminate the time spent commuting in traffic to a local grooming salon

No Hassle

The van will be equipped with all the necessities for grooming. This will remove the need of you having to prepare by providing towels and a water supply for pet grooming.

Comfortable Experience

Comfortable Experience

Learn To Groom Your Pet Like A Pro

As Professional Pet Groomers we can spot a DIY home haircut from a mile away! With our Learn To Groom program you can save money, bond with pet and keep your pet looking and feeling great. We bring our Mobile Pet Salon to you and guide you through a complete professional grooming appointment every step of the way, one on one. We will give you the knowledge to groom your individual pet just like a pro. You will learn how to properly bathe your pet and what products are best for his or her coat type. Learn about all of tools of trade that are required for your pet and where you can buy your own grooming kit for at home. Learn how to safely blow dry, brush out, dashed, trim and style your pet with the correct tools for his or her coat type. Learn how to safely trim nails and what to do if you accidentally trim a nail too short. Learn how to clean your pets ears. Learn how to give your pet a trim that you will be proud to show off and how to maintain the haircut in between grooming sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

It all depends on breed, size and condition. We can happily give you a quote on the phone or via text, email or FaceBook. Some groomers base pricing on weight, but that ends up being unfair for some clients. We do our best to tailor the experience to your pet 

Nope! Our vans are state-of-the-art and self-contained. We just need to see your smiling face and your happy dog! Watch out, some groomers tend to charge more AND need to ‘borrow’ your water and electricity.

Unfortunately, No. Besides the insurance liability, we’ve found that your dog does best when he or she is 1-on-1 with the groomer. That way they can bond and there isn’t the distraction of mommy and daddy to want to get to, or play with.

We recommend you reschedule at the time of your current grooming if at all possible. Any of our groomers will be happy to schedule appointments in the future for you, right there on their iPad! Some clients even book 6+ months of grooms in advance to ensure they don’t get caught at the last minute without an appointment!

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Frequently Asked Questions

We accept all credit cards, cash or checks. We can accept credit cards directly through our iPads if that is required – please note though, that there is a 3% surcharge for credit cards.
Yes! Our system will automatically send out appointment reminders the day before your scheduled grooming.
Things happen and that’s not a problem! Simply call or email and let us know within 24 hours, we can reschedule you on the spot. If cancelling under 24hrs there may be a cancellation surcharge.

If we show up and no one is there, or if you cancel with a groomer at the time of your appointment

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