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If you feel like your little feathered friend does not require any grooming, then think again!

These delicate beings actually deserve way more attention, extra pampering, and love along with the perfect ambiance. Bird Grooming will help keep your bird happy, healthy, and clean. Keep them safe from any illnesses or infections, and keep them comfortable with one of the best and most hygienic Bird Grooming Dubai services. Our bird groomers follow careful procedures and the necessary protocols to give your pet bird the best possible grooming session and care. 

Why choose us?

We will attend to all your pet grooming needs and requirements along with a well-qualified team of bird groomers to attend and care for any type of bird.

Our bird grooming includes all kinds of services for birds and we will make sure your bird gets a nice bath in a safe environment followed by drying up its feathers. Another important thing to remember is that a bird’s beak is their pride so you need the right tools to carefully trim the beak gently without hurting them. Your feathered friend will not only be able to eat better but also will look amazing. 

Our bird groomers are trained to give them a wonderful and relaxing grooming experience. This is necessary to help prevent your bird from flying out of your balcony, and also help them stay calm and relaxed in open spaces and cages. Finally, if you love carrying your bird all around your home then we keep their nails short and trimmed so that they do not hurt you in any way.


  • Bath & Dry
  • Trimming nails
  • Clipping feathers and wings 
  • Trimming claws and beaks

Our bird grooming tools and equipment are completely safe, hygienic, and sterile to make your bird feel comfortable and at ease. We guarantee to help keep your pet bird in the best health and care. 

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