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Pet Groomers in Ajman, Dubai – The journey of Kitty’s Zone began three years ago.

Our Grooming Spa is a fully equipped pet salon. The PET Grooming Spa contains a hot water supply, grooming table, state-of-the-art equipment, all natural products, lighting and climate control.

We provide the best quality services for your pet in the comfort of your home!

Professionals with the best experience and personalized treatment for your pet

Professional pet grooming with Pickup & Drop Facility in Dubai and Ajman!

Welcome to the Pet Grooming service at Kitty’s Zone Dubai, we invite you to browse the site to learn more about the service, our pet groomer and Dog Trainers, read about our service packages and more.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your favourite four-legged friend. Your furry friends like dog or cat will look its best with premium wash and grooming from the experts at Pet Grooming at Home Ajman Dubai, all certified.

So, make an appointment for your dog grooming or cat grooming or Bird grooming today and see why Kitty’s Zone Pet Grooming at Home has earned a reputation as “the friendliest shop in Ajman, Dubai.”

With Kitty’s Zone Pet Grooming & Pet Mobile, you’ll receive an exceptional grooming experience without leaving the comfort of your home.

Kitty’s Zone is a fully equipped quality pet grooming services in Ajman Dubai that offers an exceptional full service grooming experience for your pets in a stress free environment in full comfort and safety. Your pet is part of the family, and should be treated as such. That’s why we never use cages, kennel dryers or harsh chemicals during the grooming process. We use products that are eco-friendly and bring a professional approach to animal grooming.

We offer a comprehensive 15 step cleaning for all breeds of Cats and Dogs. Every pet gets three full brush outs before, during, and after a complete shampoo and conditioning. After a gentle towel dry by hand, we trim your pet’s sanitary area and paw pads. With a final brush and fluff out, a little fragrance, and a treat, we bring your pet right back to your front door. For a complete breakdown of the cleaning process, give us a call on +971 585830466 or make an appointment!

Why Choose Kitty’s Zone Pet Grooming is one of the best pet Groomers in Dubai?

Your Pets Is In Good Hands With Our Team! At kitty’s Zone Grooming Pet Salon we offer a professional and caring Pet grooming service all over Ajman & Dubai, we can confidently claim to be the best dog Grooming and cat grooming in Ajman, Dubai Kitty’s Zone Grooming Pet Salon is a reputable Concord dog grooming and cat grooming mobile service. Dropping your furry friend off at this amazing service will make them feel so grateful. Meet our friendly staff and discover all we have to offer.

Our Grooming Packages

Kindly Call Us for the Pets Grooming Packages

Benefits of Grooming

Regular grooming is vital to your pet’s physical and emotional well-being. Un-groomed pets are at a risk for fleas, ticks, parasites, roundworms, Lyme disease, Matted Fur, and other ailments. Hiring kitty’s Zone around Dubai Ajman, on a regular basis, will benefit your pet’s health and increase their overall longevity.

Our Dog And Cat Grooms Include

  • Pre-groom consult,
  • Bath, Blow-dry, Brush, Nail trim, Paw trim (feet and between pads),
  • Breed appropriate clip, Scissor finish,
  • Sanitary trim (if necessary),
  • Scented finish (if requested),
  • Parasite check,
  • Gland expression (if necessary),
  • Treat (with prior approval)
  • And lots of love, affection and tenderness.
Pet Grooming

What Makes Kitty's Zone Dog & Cat Groomers Special

  • Convenience
  • Caring Staff
  • Customer Service
  • Simple Scheduling
  • New Equipment
  • Reduced Stress For Your Pet
  • No Crate Drying
  • One-On-One Attention
  • Same Groomer Every Time
  • Quicker Grooming Times
  • No Exposure To Other Pets
  • Instant Booking
  • Seamless In-App Payment Process
  • Convenient & Stress-Free Environment
  • Premium Pet Insurance
  • Communication Throughout Grooming
  • Eliminates Inconvenience Of Pick Up & Drop Off
  • No Car Sickness/Travel
  • Certified Groomers
  • Natural & Non-Toxic Supplies Used

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do You Charge?
It all depends on breed, size and condition. We can happily give you a quote on the phone or via text, email or Facebook. Some groomers base pricing on weight, but that ends up being unfair for some clients. We do our best to tailor the experience to your pet .
What's the Best Way to Ensure A Regular Appointment?
We recommend you reschedule at the time of your current grooming if at all possible. Any of our groomers will be happy to schedule appointments in the future for you, right there on their iPad! Some clients even book 6+ months of grooms in advance to ensure they don’t get caught at the last minute without an appointment!
What Payment Methods Do You Accept?
We accept all credit cards, cash or checks. We can accept credit cards directly through our iPads if that is required – please note though, that there is a 3% surcharge for credit cards.
Will I be Reminded of Upcoming Appointments?
Yes! Our system will automatically send out appointment reminders the day before your scheduled grooming.
What if I Need to Cancel?
Things happen and that’s not a problem! Simply call or email and let us know within 24 hours, we can reschedule you on the spot. If cancelling under 24hrs there may be a cancellation surcharge.
What if I forget and am not home at my appointment?
If we show up and no one is there, or if you cancel with a groomer at the time of your appointment
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