Our Story

The journey of Kitty’s Zone began three years ago when the founder started fostering and rescuing owned as well as abandoned pets within UAE. Her utmost passion towards pets paved way to several ways towards the animals’ wellbeing. Given the affectionate and emotionally involved relationship owners have with their pets, putting them in the care of someone who is wholly loving towards animals is a significant aspect. This was undoubtedly comprehendible by the founder, and hence began her full-fledged journey of giving the best care to the fostered pets, while ensuring to satisfy the pet owners, and striving to save, adopt and re-home the abandoned pets.

As she continues to turn her passion into a reality in the form of her business, she continues her journey by rescuing pets around UAE, with multiple visits to veterinary clinics, and aiding people in rescuing and re-homing pets regionally and internationally.  

Her journey has certainly been a difficult one as she has had to part ways with the lovable creatures every now and then when they get adopted and shipped to countries such as Scotland, UK and neighboring countries.

While she eagerly works towards providing the best of lifestyle to the pets, she looks forward to embracing them with open arms. After all, she believes in ‘STYLING WITH LOVE’.


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Our Vision

To strive towards providing the best of care to all domesticated pets with utmost love, care & excellent services.

Feline & Canine Services

We believe in pampering your pets in the most luxurious and caring manner. Our highly qualified and trained technicians are well versed in handling pets of varied tempers and fears. We practice keen eye for detail and utmost care while grooming the pets, thereby ensuring to avoid any discomfort. Additionally, we strongly believe in maintaining highest of hygiene standards in our grooming practices. Overall, we aim to beautify and adorn your baby with an exceptional makeover.

Reaching us is not that difficult, as we are strategically situated in one of the hubs in Dubai. We always welcome our clients wholeheartedly, as we understand you want the best for your pet.

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We take the responsibility of caring for pets very seriously. They are your family

Basic grooming

Shower | Shampoo and conditioner | Nail cut | Eyes cleaning | Ears cleaning | Paw pad cleaning


Small Dog: 1kg-10kg | Medium Dog: 10kg to 20kg | Large Dog: >20kg

Full grooming

Shampoo and conditioner | Hair style | Trimming | Pawpads cleaning | Sanitary part shave | Cutting nails | Cleaning ears | Anal gland press


Small Dog: 1kg-10kg | Medium Dog: 10kg to 20kg | Large Dog: >20kg