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The First Licensed Dog Training Service In The UAE

Kitty’s Zone Pets Training has a set of highly skilled Trainers and Doctors ensuring the safety of the dogs and that they are trained in the right way.

We Are The Professional Pets Training Centre

Having worked with dogs independently for more than 8 years, Elite Pets Training was established in May 2012, with a professional facility to train dogs and other shelter animals also with the goal of educating dog owners on the importance of training their dogs.

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Positive Reinforcement

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Relationship-Based Training

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Ajman Dog Training Dubai

At Kitty’s Zone Dog Training, we understand the importance of a great relationship with your dog. Training is all about improving that relationship and helping you and your dog communicate effectively.

Kitty’s Zone Dog Training is uniquely suited to help you learn those important skills through all stages of your pet’s development.

What We Offer in Doggy

Training Services

Kitty’s Zone Training has trained over 1000 dogs ensuring that the owners are satisfied and happy with the results. We have been recommended by many potential dog owners to their family and friends which we are indeed very proud of.

Here are some terms and conditions for the dog to be accepted in our training centre in the training course. The dog should be

  • Older Than 3 Months Of Age
  • Vaccinated with Rabies Vaccine
  • Protected with Bravecto Tabl
dog training

Services That We Provide

All Training Sessions

We help our clients in choosing the right Dog breed that would suit owners personality and overall lifestyle. We do all types of dog trainings

  • Consultation
  • Behavior Training
  • Socializing Training
  • Basic Obedience Training
  • Advance Obedience Training
  • Training Dogs for Protection of Private Properties
  • Training Dogs for Personal Protection
  • IGP & IPO
  • Agility Training
  • Dog Show Training
  • Connection with New Pet Owners to Pet Shelter

01. Lodge & Learn Training At Ajman, Duba

Lodge and Learn, what is it? Our most popular dog training program in Dubai is our Lodge & Learn program. A Lodge & Learn program is where your dog stays at our facility while going out on adventures to learn new things every day. A Lodge & Learn at Kitty’s Zone is every dogs dream vacation camp. Once your dog has completed our Lodge & Learn program they’ll be well trained and return home to you with send-home instructions and additional follow-up lessons to ensure the transition back home is easy! In our Lodge & Learn program we do all of the repetitions required for training solid obedience skills, and we even guarantee your dog will learn those skills! Every day starting bright and early your dog will be up and about running, playing, going on hikes or swims all the while learning appropriate play behaviors, house manners, and skills for public spaces!

Your dog will enjoy going out on different vacations to parks, stores, participating in training classes, and much more. Our Lodge & Learn programs teach real world skills to dogs, not just how to sit. We believe learning should be versatile and happen in different environments with different distractions, not in a sterile training room. We offer three predefined lodge and learn courses. These programs range from basic to advanced, however we do offer custom lodge and learn programs based upon your dogs needs. 

Lodge & Learn Dog Training

Please contact our training department for more information about one of our predefined courses or a custom program that better suits your needs. Check out our program and then give us a call today at +971 585830466 for more information!

Puppy training

02. Puppy Training

Puppy training in Dubai to help you start out right with your new puppy. Our puppy foundation training in Ajman,Dubai is the best program available for puppies under 6 months old. Amaze family and friends with your professionally trained puppy!

How old does my puppy have to be to start training? This is the most common question we receive, the answer is it’s never too early The day your puppy is born is the day training starts. A good breeder will have started establishing a routine, potty manners and crate training from birth. But a puppy can’t learn to sit and heel right? Wrong! Our trainers start obedience training with their own puppies at 8 weeks of age and everything is done off leash!

Your puppy can begin training with us as soon as they have their second round of vaccinations, which is usually between 9 and 12 weeks of age,



House Manners






Confidence Building


Handling Manners

House Manners

Our first category of puppy training is house manners. We want to ensure our puppies are calm and sweet inside our homes without being mischievous or naughty! House manners includes teaching our puppies to be calm inside the house. It includes teaching them not to run inside the house or play roughly. House manners also includes teaching our dogs not to bolt out doors, jump on people, bark excessively, steal food from tables or get in the trash, chew up household belongings, nibble chew or bite our fingers and toes, or even jump on the furniture! We also want to make sure our dogs understand to go potty outside not on our favorite rug.


Our second category of puppy training is obedience. We start important foundation training skills to help mold your puppy into your dream dog. The commands we go over in addition to the behaviors listed above are as follows

Leash Walking

We are going to start teaching your puppy not to pull on their leash, and to be attentive to YOU around distractions out in public spaces.

Name Recognition

Your puppy will learn that they should look at you when they hear their name, and we will begin teaching them to come when we call them!

Climb Command

Our climb command is great way to give our dogs a simple job to do during the day, as well as a phenomenal way to give our dogs a safe place to be when we are cooking, or have guests coming over.


Our quiet command indicates to our dogs when its time to stop barking or whining.

Leave it/Drop it

A great command to use when our puppies are putting things in their mouth like sticks or rocks and shouldn’t be!


Wait is a command we use to teach our dogs to not bolt out doors, or jump out of the car, dash out of their kennel. It tells them to wait a moment until we indicate we are ready for the dog to come along.

Sit/Stay and Down/Stay

Our expectation for a sit/stay or down/stay is for us to give the command once and the puppy follows our instructions. Instead of training a traditional stay command we teach whats called a release marker. So if we asked our dogs to lay down regardless if there is other dogs running around or people our dog is expected to dog what we asked until we give the release marker.

We teach all of our dogs including puppies yes, no, and release markers.
For more pictures and videos of puppies we have trained previously please visit our Facebook page or our Students Gallery.


Our third category of puppy training is socialization. For socialization we teach our puppies to be friendly with other dogs but also understand proper play behavior. This means teaching our puppies if another dog asks them to leave them alone or doesn’t want to engage in play, the puppy should learn to pick up on these cues and leave the older dog alone. We also socialize our puppies with a variety of surfaces and environmental stimulus, such as pools, slick tile, inflatable objects, bicycles and more. We also socialize with a variety of different animals such as horses, deer, goats, cats or squirrels!

Confidence Building

Our fourth category of puppy training is confidence building. We focus on building our young puppies confidence when it comes to sudden loud noises. Noises such as such as fireworks, gun shots, or even a house hold pan suddenly clattering on the floor. Confidence building is about teaching our dogs how to problem solve rather then be full of fear or anxiety. Something simple such as a pool filled with empty water bottles can be a daunting task for a young puppy, building their confidence and teaching them how to work through that fear will help them be more well rounded as they continue to grow.

Handling Manners

Our fifth category of puppy training is handling manners. We want our puppies to enjoy grooming time with their owners rather then a difficult and struggled task. Puppies learn to be relaxed when in our arms, rather then struggling and wiggling to get away. We teach our puppies to remain calm while having their nails clipped and ears cleaned. We do small tooth and eye checks and show our puppies how to remain calm while going through this exam. Last but not least during bath time we show our puppies how to stand still while being bathed. This means no clawing out of the tub or shaking water and drenching us! We simply give the command ’shake it off’ at the end of the bath letting the dog know when it’s ok.

Find the Right Dubai Dog Trainer for You

Finding the right dog trainer or training service is not always easy. While there are tons of options available, it’s important to get your dog high-quality training. Otherwise, you’ll end up wasting time and money. The good news is that our comprehensive list has the best dog trainers in dubai. We’ve vetted each option, so each choice is viable depending on your situation.

Speaking of your situation, make sure you choose a dog trainer that’s right for you. Just because one dog trainer works well for some people, that doesn’t mean they’ll work well for you and your dog. In fact, it might take a few different trainers before you find the right one. Therefore, don’t be afraid to try a few trainers from our list.

Kitty’s Zone Dog Trainers

Kitty’s Zone Dog Training is the leader in positive, rewards-based training in Ajman, Dubai. Our award-winning professional trainers are among the best. They are members of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers and educated in the science of learning and animal behavior. Our trainers have experience with all AKC breed groups, rescue dogs, and dogs with challenging behavior problems. Their rewards-based methods have helped thousands of pets and pet owners since 2001. Our passionate, dog-obsessed team of Professional Trainers are excited to meet you and your dog and help you achieve your training goals together!

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